Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh (Thomas) Courtoon

5 Responses to “Tuesday, December 16, 2008”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I think this wonderful cartoon (my favorite of the three) implies that Justice Thomas has been an active participant at oral argument all this time and we never knew it… Kudos Dave.

  2. dwg Says:

    yea, man–the thomas one is really, really funny. much funnier than the truth.

  3. Mr. Cat Says:

    Confucius say, “Man of little words is man of generous handshakes. Maybe too generous.”

  4. brittanya Says:

    i laffed.

    Thanks for interpreting that for us Ryan, I was having a hard time picking up on the nuances until you pointed that out.

  5. RV Says:

    My favorite.

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