Monday, March 2, 2009

bar exam II Courtoon

15 Responses to “Monday, March 2, 2009”

  1. Philippa (PTLaw) Says:

    This is just hilarious!!!!


  2. Sarah Says:

    Having just taken the February Bar Exam, I laughed until I cried after reading this. Then I cried some more. Then laughed.

    Keep up the great work & thanks for the mood swings. ;-)

  3. the imbroglio » Blog Archive » Memory only! Says:

    […] only! Today’s Courtoon is priceless:I took the IL bar exam last week and one reason it seemed more difficult this time […]

  4. Anonymous Contract Lawyer Says:

    Just finished the CA bar, or exercise in malpractice, last week. Hysterical.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t get it

  6. Rich Says:

    And sometimes it is!

  7. TG Says:

    If a partner walks into your office and asks you how FEDERAL rule 404(b) operates under STATE law, methinks you should know the answer without looking it up.

  8. David Mills Says:

    Congratulations, recent bar takers, and best of luck to you. Glad you enjoyed the Courtoon. Please tell TG that states have rules of evidence. Methinks.

  9. Courtoons: How bar examiners think law is practiced - The Blawgraphy Says:

    […] the irrepressible David Mills at Courtoons, dedicated to the survivors of the February […]

  10. Tracey Says:

    THANK YOU!!!

    I have often said that this is the great irony of the practice of law: the first thing you learn in law school is, never express a legal opinion without looking it up first. And how do they determine whether you are qualified to be a lawyer? By asking you to express legal opinions without looking it up first.

  11. Tracey Says:

    @TG: Many STATES have UNIFORM RULES OF EVIDENCE that closely track the Federal Rules of Evidence and use the same numbering scheme, and it would certainly be reasonable to want to know how that uniform rule was applied in one state rather than in the federal courts or another state.

    Next time, try looking it up instead of working from memory.

  12. Rob Says:

    lol at TG

  13. Me Says:

    @TG, see later bluetooth cartoon.

  14. TG Says:

    Wow. For a bunch of people reading (and writing) cartoons, you people sure do take yourselves awfully seriously. Apparently I gave the author too much credit for subtlety. Or maybe I should just assume that people who drank their way through law school on the excuse that “I’ll look all this stuff up later” wouldn’t appreciate subtlety anyway.

  15. TG Says:

    For clarification, the “drank their way through law school” reference was to the over-serious readers, not the author.

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