Thursday, April 9, 2009

con-law-graph Courtoon

What happened to the original Courtoon for this day?  . . .

Below is the Courtoon that originally appeared in this spot.  Some commenters found it offensive (most recently, Law Feminist, April 10 at 5:46am).  My initial reaction was to point out that Courtoons make fun of people based on bits of truth–not actual truth.  For example, I don’t actually think all IP attorneys are socially inept (as suggested in an earlier Courtoon), but there’s something people relate to there that makes it funny to say so.  Similarly, people seemed to relate to this one (remarking that they know–or even claim to be–the woman depicted).  On the other hand, IP attorneys (and other such characters) don’t generally face the continuing hurdles that women undoubtedly do (and that I’ve witnessed in the profession myself).  That’s not something I was thinking about as I scribbled this out, but, after thinking it over, I agree that this Courtoon could leave a bad impression along those lines.  Thus, I’ve moved it over here with this explanation.  (That seemed a fairer course than simply deleting the Courtoon and the comments.)  I guess Law Feminist was not “wasting [her] breath.”

hot girl Courtoon

34 Responses to “Thursday, April 9, 2009”

  1. Bill Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. ugh Says:

    Today’s SUCKS!! They are definitely getting worse. I’d almost rather see more Palsgrafs.

  4. Dies Irae Says:

    Glad to know ugh doesn’t think he’s getting his money’s worth – if free isn’t good enough, go somewhere else.

    David, great toon. Happened every semester. You knew it was going to be a long day when not even Miss Sunshine had any cheering power.

  5. Columbian Exchange Says:

    That’s the day to hit on her…

  6. JMN Says:

    Law School/Lawyer Hot, or Hot Hot? There is DEFINITELY a difference!

  7. Jordan Says:

    I feel that this comment page needs some feminist complaining. I’m a guy, but still, i think its culturally expected that someone has to make some sort of bitchy remark whenever a remotely sexist joke is made.

    You sir, are an evil sexist who objectifies women… anf what not.

    I don’t know, i never understood feminism.

  8. David Mills Says:

    I concede that this one had that risk. I just wanted to get at the people who changed their entire look, wore pajamas, and had 9 pencils and 3 Cokes ready–all for a 3-hour test. There seemed to be a sense that jeans and makeup could hinder legal analysis.

  9. Prof B Says:

    I just wish you would also show the male version: three-day-old beard, fuzzy teeth, armpit-stained t-shirt, flip-flops, and ball cap over greasy hair.

  10. Ryan Says:

    It was always interesting to me that a lot of the “hot” law school gals were very plain when they didn’t spend 2 hours getting dolled up.

  11. David Mills Says:

    Prof B is right about the male version—but I seem to recall that we looked pretty bad all the time, exam or not.

  12. TLS Says:

    That is awesome!!! We all know its true, regardless of whether we are talking about the males or females.

    It was amazing to see how many people forgot completely about personal hygiene before the finals!

    At least, as a poster stated above, we didn’t see a picture of the fuzzy teeth many were sporting!

  13. Kered Retej Says:

    I went to law school with Cristina Schultz

  14. KAB Says:

    I can totally IRAC in heels.

  15. the one woman reading? Says:

    I’m sorry if your women classmates have more important things to worry about on exam day than putting on makeup. And that they want to wear comfortable clothing. That must be so distracting and horrible for you.

  16. Law Feminist Says:

    What a surprise, a male attorney making disparaging comments about women. “Jokes” like this perpetuate the assumption that, despite my conservative business attire and professional demeanor, I must be a secretary or paralegal because I happen to be attractive. Because, as we all know, women cannot be both attractive and competent in a professional field. Sadly, sexism is one of the few acceptable forms of discrimination, so I realize I’m wasting my breath.

  17. Hiram Says:

    And of course, another very acceptable form of discrimination is “Womyn’s Studies”.

  18. ugh Says:

    Toon still sucked.

  19. Jamie Says:

    As a feminist and as a female law student studying for finals, I thought it was hilarious. I also agreed with the comments above re: the male version of the same. Please don’t let those (male or female) without a sense of humor distract you from distracting me during the rest of semester and beyond.

  20. charles Says:

    this is ridiculous. the cartoon (which was funny and accurate) doesn’t perpetuate anything. it’s the other 80 days a semester when some women choose to make themselves up that perpetuate the expectation. there’s nothing wrong with looking nice (or plain), but you can’t expect people to not notice when you usually go one way and then skip it one day. there was no value judgment in the cartoon, just a realization that she didn’t always look that way. the cartoon would have worked just as well with a guy, but it was a girl because that’s who the author noticed in law school. get over it.

  21. anon Says:

    The heckler’s veto is alive and well.

  22. Rich Says:

    Law Feminist, deciding to take a joke in the worst possible light, rather than giving the benefit of the doubt, is just unhealthy. Take a deep breath, do some yoga, and lighten up.

  23. Ryan Says:

    Both toons are quite, quite funny today.

  24. Rich Says:

    The same goes for “the one woman reading?”. For some of the people who think the artist should show the male version, why should he? He is apparently a heterosexual male and is drawing what he knows. Like anyone else is entitled to create whatever he wants. If you want to see the other version, figure out how to draw “fuzzy teeth” and “greasy hair” *under* a ball cap and do it.

  25. Jordan Says:

    I was just making a sarcastic remark re: how no one had had a proper feminist ramble about how evil this was. I was just surprised no one had told you you were going to hell yet. I wasn’t actually offended. For the record.

  26. Erica Says:

    As a former female law student, I cracked up reading this cartoon. Screw feminism, I love it!

  27. Vic Says:

    While I agree that the original toon was funny and didn’t need to be pulled; bully for me I get six toons this week! And, I love the second one.

  28. Jenny Says:

    As a woman who *always* noticed this on exam days, I find this hilarious. And I’m generally sort of a femi-nazi. And while I do understand some of Law Feminist’s points (it is true that all attractive female attorneys will be mistaken for a secretary or paralegal at some point), as someone who wore makeup and heels to the bar exam, if some guy wants to underestimate me because I take the time to look put together, so be it – gives me that much more pleasure when I blindside him by handing him his ass on a platter in court :)

  29. Gianpaolo Macerola Says:

    Juat wanted to say this Courtoon is factually correct. I mean I have seen the my law school’s brochure, all it has is pretty women in great outfit’s and great make-up studying: not true at all. As we have all experienced, the closer we get to finals the less make-up and more pajama’s are worn. Thus, this Courtoon is not only accurate, but hilarious.

  30. Chick Lawyer Says:

    I love the original toon!! While it is true that the highest population seeking plastic surgery is the female lawyer and we can all see how appearance plays in the courtroom and the office, final are a different story. I may look amazing when I go to court (it’s one aspect of zealously advocating for my client), but during finals, I was the girl in the bun, baggie sweats and slippers!!

    Ugly girls…just shut up!!

  31. Cher Says:

    As a female law student who also works as a lifeguard (and whose parents had unfortunate taste in baby names) I have dealt with being objectified a lot. And still, I thought this toon was hilarious – and true. Guilty as charged. I like to look amazing when I’m normally in public, but I see finals as my excuse to be in comfy clothes.

    If there’s anything I think is bad or wrong about the toon, it’s the fact that it implies there is only one hot girl in law school classes. :)

  32. Tracey Says:

    Actually… I think you could have dealt with the objection by having the girl on the right thinking about one of the guys on the left as a hot guy, with her saying “Oh,” and the caption emasculated — er, I mean gender-neutralized. But I won’t object to a bonus cartoon du jour!

  33. KLM Says:

    This cartoon is hilarious – and definitely true. If anything – draw another one for the guys! They turn into unshaven, homely lumberjacks during finals. They’re not doing too hot themselves

  34. Rich Says:

    Sorry, Jordan. I think I picked up on your sarcasm the first time I read it, but somehow missed it the second time.

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