Friday Bonus: Caption Contest

captioncontest2 Courtoon

Welcome to another Courtoons Caption Contest . . . .

Same rules as last time (submit entries as comments).  Contest is open until Thursday, April 23, 2009, at 11:59 pm EST.  Winner receives signed high-quality print inside a matted frame.  Winner will be announced April 25, 2009.

47 Responses to “Friday Bonus: Caption Contest”

  1. First Poster Says:

    When the long arm of the law isn’t enough.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    what expectation of privacy?

  3. Spreague Says:

    The prosecutor is hoping that Kyllo v. United States does not prohibit evidence seized in “plain view” due to freak mutations.

  4. ManPrison Says:

    Spreague took mine. >:(

  5. Ali Says:

    Demand for human-giraffe cross-breeding explodes after the development of the “policeman at the elbow” test

  6. Rhubarb Says:

    Terrier Stop

  7. TK Says:

    When called to testify after the incident, the only thing Lucy could remember about the officer was his beady eyes.

  8. Tim Says:

    “Ello, Ello. What’s all this, then?”

  9. hyramgraff Says:

    Not impersonating an police officer … in the Ninth Circuit.

  10. rob Says:

    lol at Rhubarb’s terrier stop!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Just as Little Johnny finished putting salt on a worm he looked up and realized he had made a terrible mistake.

  12. Alex Says:

    Lex Luthor had grown accustomed to Superman, but Mr. Incredible still gave him the heebie-jeebies.

  13. Matt Bycer Says:

    Oliver v. United States

  14. MissConductPDX Says:

    Officer Jones had been teased mercilessly at the academy for his freak mutation. It only took one “plain-view” case for the enitre force to see his worth.

  15. Joe V Says:

    Officer Plainview was the ACLU’s worst nightmare.

  16. CJG Says:

    Lawful Terry stop pursuant to the Fantastic Fourth Amendment

  17. AC Says:

    Officer Dhalsim tries really hard to keep his Street Fighter past in check after the last mishap with his Yoga Flame.

  18. JMS Says:

    Seargent Peakover v. Martijuana: A case in which “devices available to the general public” was changed to “devices available to the normal general public”


    Reason for dismissal of Seargent Peakover: necking in public.

  19. Michael J. Wasser Says:

    In light of slumping tax revenue, the police develop new ways of ticketing pooper-scooper violators.

  20. JPS Says:

    “Long-Arm Statute Inspector” or “Long-Arm Statute Enforcement”

  21. Alex Says:

    When upper-cuts go drastically wrong.

  22. Nick Says:

    Officer Plainview is clearly missing some curtilage.

  23. sam Says:

    Had the young boy walking his dog after curfew been black, LAPD officer Rubberparts would have instead extended the hand holding the club first

  24. David Says:

    ACLU members get a cold shiver as Officer I. N. Plainview starts his first beat patrol.

  25. Vic Says:

    Cop: Nothing to see here, move along, move along.
    Caption: “Rubbernecking” has never officially been declared illegal.

  26. JWM Says:

    Officer: “Hello, good citizen. I’m Officer Necky McLongneck.”
    Pedestrian: “Hello, Officer McLongneck. My goodness! You sure do have an amazing neck! I’m so impressed!”
    Dog: “So, what?! I’m a f’n dog that can talk!”

  27. A Says:

    Dissatisfied with the inapplicability of long-arm jurisdiction in the criminal context, the state legislature experimented with long-neck jurisdiction.

  28. Ryan Says:

    Go Go Gadget Fourth Amendment Violator!

  29. Ryan Says:

    What happens when you eat the fruit of the poisonous tree

  30. WPS Says:

    The T1000 becomes “general public use” under Kyllo.

  31. Vic Says:

    Aware of his parole violations; “Shorty” Davis was forced to walk through town disguised as a dog to avoid police scrutiny.

  32. S.A. Says:

    Why pre-arrest, pre-Miranda silence should not be used as substantive evidence of guilt: example #14.

  33. Amused Says:

    Officer Terry used one of his superpowers to determine if there was probable cause stop little Joey for dognapping.

  34. Amused Says:


    Officer Terry used one of his superpowerS to determine if there was probable cause to stop little Joey on suspicion of dognapping.

  35. Law Clerk Says:

    It was quite a stretch for Officer PlasticMan to conclude that there was reasonable suspicion to stop Johnny.


    It was quite a stretch for Officer PlasticMan to conclude that the cocaine concealed in Fido was in plain view.

  36. Sean Says:

    Suck my own dick, LIKE A COP!!!

  37. Shawn Says:

    Officer Geoffrey conducting a dog sniff outside the Toys R Us.

  38. JWM Says:

    Cop: “I saw that you let your dog poop on the sidewalk around the corner and didn’t bag it.”

    Caption: Cop sticks his neck out and catches crap.

  39. Mike Says:

    CJG is the runaway victor.

  40. Amy Says:

    Underdog was not impressed with Stretch Armstrong’s new career choice.

  41. G Says:

    Torts Final Exam:
    The mutation of the officer Long’s neck occured because he stepped in Snoopy’s droppings. Is Charlie Brown liable?
    No, no forseeablity.

  42. Ryan C. Says:

    “Some say it was his dedication; others, his instincts. But all agreed that Officer Johnson was head and shoulders above the rest.”

    (@Vic–very clever. But @Tim’s entry is amazing.)

  43. JLM Says:

    Officer Peabody would later admit that the probable cause for Rover’s arrest was a bit of a stretch.

  44. itsme Says:

    Nick wins:
    “Officer Plainview is clearly missing some curtilage” LOVE IT!

  45. Anonymous Says:

    CJG or JoeV for sure.

  46. itsme Says:

    How can it not be Nick? Property law gets no respect!

  47. M Says:

    “The police department’s solution to the CCTV ban.”

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