Monday April 20, 2009

RICO Courtoon

16 Responses to “Monday April 20, 2009”

  1. David Mills Says:

    As noted last week, if you didn’t realize Notorious BIG was a real person, that “Notorious” Courtoon would be offensive (and entirely unfunny). This “RICO” one would be susceptible to the same problem, so I’m bringing in my outside authority from the get go: Damn you, wikipedia.

  2. 1L Says:

    Come on, this cartoon is plainly racist — what do you have against latino defense attorneys? And are you saying that women on the stand can easly be persuaded by suave men?

    J/k. Good stuff.

  3. Rudeboi Says:

    Love it. This one’s almost as funny as Gerardo’s video.


    this cartoon is RACIST.

  5. Jack Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Rico Suave!!! It’s FUNNY times infinity!!!!

  6. LittleGirlLawst Says:

    LOVE IT…baby!

  7. K Says:

    This is SO FREAKING FUNNY. Good job. :)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    It takes a small comedian to use racial stereotypes to generate laughs… why not try stepping it up to actual humor

  9. KAB Says:

    It’s not a racial stereotype. It’s a pun!

    and damn funny.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Anonymous @ 1:08 –

    “A small comedian?” Have you ever watched Comedy Central? Those are the most famous comedians in the world and the vast majority play off nothing but racial stereotypes. Don’t believe me? Watch Richard Pryor, Eddie Murhpy, Carlos Mencia, Jeff Foxworthy.

    Further, its not a stereotype. If you read the first post you would see that its based off one specific person.

    Very funny stuff.

    Can we get something related to Milli Vanilli?

  11. JMN Says:

    Love this one. Very clever.

  12. dcm Says:

    stop being so overly-sensitive . . . as a latino defense attorney I find this hiLARious!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ryan Says:

    HA! The guys isn’t even a Latino defense attorney, it’s actually the guy who did the song (note the bad hair and the bandanna).

    The everything is racist people need to give it a rest.

  14. JoeInLA Says:

    biginsurancelaw is an IDIOT.

  15. Rob Says:

    for those too young to remember

  16. Nana Says:

    this is suave, hands down. funny, very funny

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