Caption-Contest Winner

Caption II Courtoon Winner (Fantastic Fourth)

Congratulations to Christian Grostic for this winning entry for last week’s caption contest.

5 Responses to “Caption-Contest Winner”


    Where my blacks at? Pure Racism…

  2. itsme Says:

    ^^makes no sense. I still think “Officer Plainview lacks curtilage” was far and away the cleverer caption. Property law gets absolutely no respect.

  3. Joe Says:

    Yeah, this caption is pretty bad.

  4. Professor Nimrod Says:

    This was by far the best submitted caption. Maybe you just do not understand the basis for the humor.

    You see, the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. And the Fantastic Four included a character that could stretch parts of his body in all sorts of ways.

    Put these two concepts together, and you get a giggle.

    And now that I’ve over-analyzed it, its no longer funny at all. Apologies.

  5. BG Says:


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