Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FCC v. Fox Courtoon

22 Responses to “Wednesday, April 29, 2009”

  1. ManPrison Says:

    This cartoon is RACIST against Italians.

  2. IndyIndie Says:

    No it’s not.

  3. Joe V Says:

    You’d think that Tuesday’s courtoon would have clued some people in to the fact that we’re laughing *at* them, not with them. Apparently not.

    This one’s funny.

  4. JimmyM Says:

    Or maybe people would finally get that most “this cartoon is RACIST” posts are in jest, since it’s kind of become a meme around here. Apparently not.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    “fleeting expletives” – band name?

  6. Eli Says:

    As an incoming summer associate, I must say this is a gross violation of Justice Scalia’s right to privacy.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i just like the expressions on souter’s and roberts’s face. and their hair

  8. Lawranger Says:

    The hair really does make the toon. As does the incredible humor. I love this one!!! David, why are you wasting your time practicing law??

  9. Racist Says:

    Oh my god, this is so racist, but not against Italians… Against the black man. The white man always blames everything on the black man…

    hahahaha. Just kidding. Love your stuff!

  10. David Mills Says:

    @Lawranger: Thank you. The Chief Justice does have great hair. I considered dropping the whole law-practice thing, but when I tried to pay my rent with a signed Courtoon, they just laughed. And not because they liked Supraman.

  11. Nana Says:

    I think I have a secret crush on Justice Scalia…


    One day off, and there you go again.

    Blame it on the black man.

    This cartoon…you guessed it; RACIST.

  13. mwasseresq Says:

    This is f***ing hilarious!

  14. Law Clerk Says:

    We saw “What Constitutional Law professors say in bed.” What do Civil Procedure Professors say in bed? I would think that Civ Pro professors are ripe fodder for Courtoons. Or maybe I missed them? One only needs to listen to Richard Freer’s Bar/BRI lecture for 1L Exam Review on Civ Pro to come up with some great examples.

  15. IPstorytelling Says:

    This is RACIST against IP lawyers

  16. James Says:

    Hey David,

    Have you thought about creating a Twitter account and posting a daily link to your Courtoons? You should look into it, attorneys are already infesting Twitter in the greatest way.

  17. Scott Says:

    Yet more reason why video cameras will (or should) never be present in the Supreme Court building.


    Guys in my high school used to use fleeting expletives all the time… it was no big deal…

  19. HighSchoolLaw Says:

    Guys in my high school used to use fleeting expletives all the time… it was no big deal…

  20. David Mills Says:

    James–Twitter freaks me out a bit, but I did create an account a while back to send out Courtoons (@MillsD). Maybe I should pick that up again…. But don’t expect any tweets about what I’m eating for lunch or, God forbid, what I’m thinking about at a given moment (the FCC would ban it anyway). Also, Twitter is RACIST.

  21. James Says:

    David, I agree – Twitter is pretty unnerving, but so are leggings and those seem to be in style again. Can’t fight the future, I guess…

  22. bc Says:

    only comment is that you missed justice souter’s big ears. but otherwise great!

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