Friday, May 1, 2009

24 Courtoon

22 Responses to “Friday, May 1, 2009”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    OMG, I have my Con Law take home today, I think I’m the one in the bottom left lol

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Nice! None of my exams are take home though…I’ve got 4 hours of indecipherable FRCP multiple choice and a 3.5 hour property exam (although maybe he changed it to 4 hours) left! Seriously, love your cartoons.

  3. lawschooldrunk Says:

    Regarding take home exams that should be written in the form of an office memo, I love how professors say something like, OH it shouldn’t take you more than four hours, and then it takes you twenty and you’re thinking you must be dumb, slow, or both.

    Sure, if it was supposed to take four hours, why did you need to give three days for the exam!?

  4. april Says:

    you are cracking me UP! (and I was already halfway there from exams!) hahaha. Just three more! (this semester anyway…)

  5. Lawranger Says:

    I wish I had invented Courtoons. And Google. And Starbucks.

  6. 2.5L Says:

    Dead on.

  7. LittleGirlLawst Says:


  8. Law Student Says:

    This was my life for all of yesterday!!! Though I was the fourth, paranoid student, thinking there must be more issues and rereading the prompt for 2 hours.

    But it’s over! Hazaa. Not just… one week of write-on, trial team tryouts, and six days to pack and move to Los Angeles… dang it… where’d I put that bottle?

  9. HighSchoolLaw Says:

    Guys in my high school used to make parodies of 24 and relate them to law school all the time… it was no big deal…

  10. Incoming Summer Associate Says:

    Incidentally, Cardozo Law Revue did a full sketch on this. It’s available on YouTube. Plagiarism anyone?

  11. Annie Says:

    Neh. Its the “expression,” not the “idea” that is copyrightable. Argh… this IP exam is making me spew law at random things.

    Also, this is funny. Therefore it shall be allowed. See Funny v. Jerkface, 91 F.2d 546 (9th Cir. 2002).

  12. David Mills Says:

    Man, this is just like that Cardozo video:
    I guess they already thought of it a year ago. I actually thought I had a nice eureka moment when I came up with this one. At least I still have my original idea for next week: a cheerful mouse named Mickey who runs into a silly duck named Daffy.

  13. c. Says:

    your cartoons make me so very, very happy.

    it’s nice to come home after a really brutal exam to see a cartoon of exactly how i feel: rocking back and worth crying mama!

  14. D Says:

    Saw this Courtoon 3 hours into a 9 hour Property take home. I was already the one on the right. But it pretty much made my day.

  15. David Mills Says:

    This was inspired by my Con Law exam as a 1L. At about 3am (maybe 18 hours in), I discovered I had lost the exam itself in my room among all my papers and panic. I went clockwise through these reactions over the remaining 6 hours.

  16. 1L currently in finals hell Says:

    To Annie @ 5:49 pm – I love that you cited that to the 9th circuit.

  17. anonymous Says:

    This is a perfect illustration of my feelings about my property exam yesterday.

  18. Other Law Student Says:

    The 24 hour take home is the most evil thing ever. I was forced to expound. I hate expounding.

  19. 1L Says:

    6:45 am and I just submitted mine online after staying up all night!

  20. Valerie Says:

    Nice use of hyphens.

  21. SF2L Says:

    Oh yeah. This is where I’ll be in about 48 hours when working on my IP Lit paper. Looking forward to it!

  22. unmotivated3L Says:

    Just turned mine in …priceless. Why does it always sound like a good idea the 1st week of class….?

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